Pressure Controller (AP100R)

AP-100R is the pressure controller for our Throttle Valve and Wide Range Valve. As same as our other pressure controller, AP-100R also get a good performance to be used for our throttle valve and vacuum sensor together.
AP-100R is confirmed to RoHs and CE marking and electronic power is 100~200 Volt.

Chamber Guard

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Display & Power Supply Unit, MS-1S, MS-2S

Model MS-1S and Model MS-2S have two function of the display & power supply with set point relay for capacitance manometer (CDG) of Brooks. Users can be easy to measure a vacuum pressure value in the chamber if only to connect CDG with MS-1S or MS-2S to chamber. (see attached data sheets). It is the most suitable to measure a pressure value in the chamber for the R&D system and so on.

Heater Block

The heater block which is a consumable part of each manufacturing equipment has been dependent on the equipment maker until now, but Megatorr which is familiar with vacuum and manufacturing equipment and has a proven track record provides a low price and high quality solution.