Non-Heated Throttle Valve (Butterfly Valve)

Throttle valve is constituted a throttle (butterfly) in flange, flange and dynamic mortar. Throttle valve can be pressure control rotating throttle (butterfly) in the flange. This throttle valve can be pressure control with high-repeatability and good responsibility for various vacuum chamber like Etching and CVD systems using our controller, AP series, and Capacitance Diaphragm gauge.

Heated Throttle Valve

Heated throttle valve can increase temperature up to 200 degree C.
Our heated throttle valve’s can be effective heating method in order to build into a heater inside of the flapper and flange. It can be good performance for productivity such as a temperature uniformity and stability.

Wide Range Valve (Piston Valve)

This Wide Range Valve that is controlled the conductance by piston valve was released Jan.2001. This Wide Range Valve is correspond to customer’s needs to expand process pressure range (toward near atmosphere) compared with throttle valve.
This Wide Range Valve can control between 133.33KPa (760torr) to 10Pa (70torr ) below and increasing temperature up to 200 degree C.

Pressure Controller (AP420)

AP series of the Pressure Controller use for a Capacitance Diaphragm Gage(CDG) and throttle valve (Wide Range Valve ) together.
There are three control modes which are “Adaptive Mode”, “PID Mode” and “High-Bride Mode”. Users choice Mode from above three Modes and those mode can get a good performance such as high-responsibility and high-repeatability to indispensable Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display and Solar Panel manufacturing.