Message from the President

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for our customers and the cooperate companies with work together. Megatorr Corporation celebrated the 20th anniversary of its foundation in this year 2017.

1998 January, Megatorr established by the persons with long experience and one company on the semiconductor market in order to penetrate APC system which is constituted with vacuum sensor, throttle valve and pressure controller for the CVD and Etching systems of the Semiconductor and Flat Panel market etc. in the Japan.
We believed that our heated throttle valve up to 150℃ and controller should be effective method to protect deposition of the contamination inside valve and around the piping. This was able to extend maintenance cycle of the systems on the production line.

We are now deal in a variety products in connection with vacuum equipment such as Quartz products for CVD, Etcher and welded metal bellows products for flexible vacuum connection of the system.
One of the new concept piston valve by Megatorr, we had developed the Wide Range Valve (Pat.) and controller to expand the pressure control range compare with throttle valve.
We would like to release a new concept design and also to continue the distribution business to find out excellent products or unique component on outside Japan.

There are many imperceptible processing technologies under a vacuum atmosphere on the Semiconductor and Flat Panel industry. And thus mass-production technologies will become more sophisticated-technology step by step.
We, Megatorr, will make an innovative proposal and produce the new products to fit market demand to have a deep communication with customers together from now.

I hope that we will walk all the way with customers together on the semiconductor road.



Megatorr Corporation
President and CEO
Roger N. Kakizaki